Strategic Telecom Supply and Solutions has a state of the art testing lab to assist with testing needs that you may have.

System Level Testing is used to ensure equipment is fully functional for field deployment and transparent within the network. Simulated system level testing utilizes complete network systems and mimics a field environment to test each product's ability to interact with other network equipment and ensure full subsystem operability.

Product Specific Tests are used to ensure full product compliance to stricter design performance. These product specific tests are developed to screen for component level failures and identify components that have not yet failed but show signs of premature failure.

Pass/Fail reports will give a failure analysis of all devices tested and will be provided upon completion of testing.

We offer:

  • Quality Testing Services for DS1, DS3, OC-1 up to OC-192, 10G Ethernet, and Fiber products
  • Standard tests on each piece include prolonged time, temperature, and electronic stress to ensure unit operability
  • State of the art test equipment is used to insure precise test results
  • Static-free and ISO 9001 certified testing environment
  • Check the software version installed on a system and check and/or install licenses onto a system

STSS has testing capabilities for the following systems:

Adtran: NetVanta & Total Access Series
Alcatel-Lucent: 7450 ESS-7, 7670 (Newbridge 36170), 7705, 7750 SR-12, Metro DMX
Calix: C7
Carrier Access: WideBank 28
Ciena: CN 4200
Cisco: ONS 15310, ONS 15454, ONS 15600, uBR10000, Routers & Switches
Eltek: V-Series Rectifiers, BC Controllers, Bullet Breakers
Fujitsu: Flashwave 4100, Flashwave 4500, Flashwave 7500, Flashwave 9500
Juniper: MX5, MX10, MX40, MX80
Nortel: Optera Metro 3500, Optera Metro 5200
Overture: ISG 140, ISG 180
Tellabs: 7100 Optical Transport System
Headend Equipment: Scientific-Atlanta D series, Motorola DSR series, Harmonic NSG series

Coming Soon: Juniper M320 and Tellabs 7120 & 7345

If you need a quote or more information on our telecom testing capabilities please contact a Strategic Telecom representative at 804.897.1319 or Email: sales@gostss.com.